Instructions for use EroFertil

Drug potency - instructions for use

How to use it?

Instructions for use

The capsules are easy to use. Instructed the patient to use the product 2 times a day, drinking plenty of water, after meals.

But there are people who capsule, to increase your efficiency is not authentic. In most cases, the reason for the dissatisfaction is that people do not bother to comply with the instructions, but wanted to get a result without any effort. Also, dissatisfied with the feedback received from those who have decided to save for the purchase of the drug, eventually received a fake. Don't forget that you can order EroFertil only the official website of the manufacturer.

Indications and contraindications

The drug is used prophylactically, as enriched with vitamins, minerals.

If you experience problems, the pastel, You will need to order capsules. Struggle with a weak erection, increase duration of the sexual contact. In addition, treatment of the inflammation of the prostate, and restore the people's confidence, and the reproductive function.

Natural composition EroFertil contributed to the fact that contraindications to its use are not available, does not cause allergies.

Application EroFertil there is no age limit. According to experts, the Czech Republic, this is the medicine to restore the potency, the most effective among your competitors.