How to increase male potency the natural way

Almost all modern people, whose age exceeds forty years, seriously do you want to know how to increase the word potency in a natural way. To solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, usually the drugs, which are just the non-traditional, but also alternative medicine. And a practice is changing the usual food system.

how to increase the potency

Methods to calculate quality potency

Loss of the power of suggestion really can become a serious men a problem, but still depressed. But if you notice that time in the symptoms, you should immediately start the treatment, then there is a chance that normal bringing back the normal. Need to change your way of life. Certain measures are taken, which, however, is only beneficial to the sexual life.

What to watch for:

  • The sexual attraction to a sex partner – a desire if you've got, but it's not an erection, this may be due to the strong fatigue or a bad mood phenomena; psychology;
  • Reset The time erection – the smaller the better potency;
  • A quality ejaculation – a sexual act must end in an orgasm and ejaculation;
  • A level erections – waking up during a penis woman on length, thickness, increasingly, English. And these settings to be protected from the beginning of intercourse to the end. If the penis is reduced before, directly indicate a violation of erectile function. Check the help of just a normal ring out of paper. Need to insert a penis. If a potential REASON – a paper fog tear.

In recent years, more and more often potency disorders for men was founded, whose age has not yet reached the level of forty years ago. But there is a simple explanation. This is a bad habits and frequent stress, sedentary work, and promiscuity.

More professional to diagnose potential problems in urology. The penis is injected a special fluid, which can cause the erection, a maximum of fifteen minutes. The doctor records the percentage of the excitement, the words just compare caused by erection, the usual. Still active about an hour.

Study sensitive the penis is one of the most effective way to diagnose. A level of sensitivity of a penis is determined by the vibrations. Its absence indicates the low sensitivity of the nerve center is a pool. Sooner or later it's either going to be the cause of the impotence.

Special x-rays for us allows us to calculate a level of a obvious arteries of a penis. Introduced a special fluid, which passes through the vessels. If blood circulation in order to — reduce the effectiveness of fault psychological problems.

Healthy men younger than fifty years, spontaneous erection to happen, up to seven times during a night.

What reason could you have for example a sexual dysfunction

Before I get to raise the potency in men, it is important to understand what the root cause of this problem. The selection of the reason Among the be:

  • Diseases of the circulatory system;
  • Diabetes;
  • A presence of harmful habits;
  • Testosterone deficiency;
  • The lack of sleep;
  • Age;
  • The obesity of different degree;
  • Increase in blood pressure;
  • The sedentary lifestyle;
  • Damaged spine or a hernia;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Frequent stress, anxiety, bad mood.

Identify the root cause can be much more faster, easier, everything's back to normal.


A drug potency

How to increase the potency of men? Traditional medicine offers many medications can increase the potency a short period of time. Pharmacy is A van of a medicine or which is an integral synthetic-based. Contribute to the enhancement of erection for a longer time.

But we cannot ignore the fact that almost all restrictions on use. May not be taken if there are problems with the liver, kidney, heart, or vascular. If a person is suffering, high blood pressure or low.

Ezek medicines enhance the blood flow to the penis, relaxes the smooth muscles. Vessels drugs increase the potential. Plus the improvement in erection. But keep in mind that a does not cause drugs can libido.

Ezek a tablet can function in different times. Four hours, almost a little. The dosage and number of occasions the reception called out to be only a doctor. Because ezek based on a characteristics of the age, and general health status.

A very important point: the treatment with these drugs, it is impossible because they will, if the patient is suffering from arrhythmia, angina, or any allergies.

Rules are essential, release, to as sperm is the least

It's not important – in this intimate tension on your own or with a partner. But to get to the sperm. This is especially valid for men, whose age has already crossed the mark of fifty years. Young easier to make such a build to finish. But, this only applies to a young.

This does not mean that it is most necessary to end the sex. That's not The problem. Try to Just not bring yourself to ejaculation. This is important because the men after fifty, sexually active, each time you need more time to recover.

How to increase the potency of natural methods

There are natural variations, which do not require medications:

  • Folk medicine;
  • Change to a diet;
  • Practice is located.

A favorable implementation of such changes, very quickly you can increase your efficiency.

Alternative medicine to solve my problems

Drug, which came to know a people an answer to a question, how to a strengthen the male sexual potency. Offers a variety of recipes, which is the enlargement, erection at home to prevent impotence. On the basis of traditional medicinal herbs and beekeeping products, effective, no less than the pharmacy. But it's completely body-safe, with few side effects.

Simple bet you enable a traditional medicine:

  • Two tablespoons of fresh, mixed aloe juice, half a Cup of liquid honey. Half a teaspoon three times a day, before meals. A course of twelve weeks.
  • Infusion of green tea helps to prevent or cure impotence. Two tablespoon of tea, half Cup of sugar, pour a liter of vodka a and a week, forget the fridge. Infusion drink an during before bedtime with a teaspoon.
  • A couple of tablespoons of crushed St. John's wort, pour a glass of boiling water, seal and leave to one hour to infuse. A strain, drink a quarter Cup three times a day. The drink helps to eliminate congestion, improve the flow of blood. Infusion, you need to drink, for three weeks.
  • Mix an equal amount of chopped given, figs, dates. Add as much honey. Eat a tablespoon of this mixture two to three times a day. This has a positive effect on libido, and the constant consumption enhances the erection, and the general improving health.

It is desirable that each day is a Supplement to the question in a dozen pollen.

food potency

Food to increase potency

If you Notice the first signs of reduction of potency to the man it is advisable to review your diet to avoid fatty, fried food, junk food. Efficient This is one of the ways to increase the efficiency of the men at home. Most foods contain such chemicals required for sexual arousal. And, therefore, improves the internal state. The best result in this case indicates that the vitamins A, b, E.

How to improve the potency of men:

  • Seafood – caviar, shells, fish, oysters;
  • Meat – lamb, a lean beef, rabbit, poultry;
  • Vegetables – onions, carrots, turnips, beets, celery, beans, horseradish, garlic;
  • Update given – given, pine, almond;
  • Fruits – banana, grapes, strawberry, raspberry, dried fruits, dates;
  • Chocolate black (at least 65% cocoa);
  • An egg – a hen or a quail.

All the food is desirable to cook, bake, stew or steamed. The question in this four times a day in small doses. Meals The last two to three hours before bedtime. If this network, you can easily increase the power of words.


In order that the efficiency increase to a high level more than once a day to keep the muscles anal tense. Approximately fifteen seconds. To a ten repeat, break, thirty seconds. This is the easiest task. One of the benefits of that to kill any unseen can be to other people.

Here are a few simple exercises:

  • Rapid movement of the pelvis. Do a naked test. Up Feet width apart, slightly bent. The quickest way to move a pool-back a maximum possible amplitude. Take deep breaths and slow exhalations. A week of breathing is equal to a single approach. To the necessary hat approaches, a break, a half a minute.
  • Shooting in a pool. Rotatable pool maximum amplitude to forty times in each direction. The exercise This helps to increase the blood flow of the pelvis and strengthens the muscles, a back.
  • Attacks. For this exercise you need dumbbells weight of be, which is at least three pounds. Hands of a seams, and then step forward as widely as possible, and tried to grab the floor, the knee of the other leg. Running, that's why twelve step both legs.
  • Table. Spread your legs wider than your shoulders, bend to reach the floor. Bend a knee I can't. You have to do four sets of twenty repetitions. With the passage of time, the repetitions should be increased to the number of fifty.
  • Squats. Legs should be defined wider than the shoulders, stretch the buttocks. Squat slowly with the heel off the ground. The frost is an extreme point, three is slowly rising. To twenty times. Less important is a gradual increase in the time to record the three seconds the position to fifteen.

A very important point: the award is designed to complement the massage. Faith relaxed testicles, massaging them, pressing lightly on. The massage helps to improves the potential in men. Thus, to increase the levels of testosterone increase your sperm. In addition, you can reduce to zero the risk of impotence and even infertility.

The men, to prevent the disease

Keep potency for years easy to help you simple prevention. You should drink less strong tea, coffee.

Don't consume alcohol, smoke. Tobacco constricts blood vessels, thereby impairing the blood circulation. Ghosts, it will not be beneficial. A beer in a organization help to the hormones, which are typical to a weaker rather than men. It is likely that at the same time reduced it will be difficult. But, in time, will be the effect.

The men must follow better than its own weight. Fifty years after the the stronger, a representative impotence "awakens" due to the occurrence of diseases of cardiovascular, urinary, endocrine specified. Some of them occur precisely because a growing weight.

prevention potency

Simple rules for a preservation of the sexual fajbiológia:

  • Follow the diet. Mint healthier food, a cleaner, a blood;
  • The blood pressure, and blood cholesterol lowering;
  • To get rid of the excess weight;
  • Definitely need to sleep, walking down the street, at least a minute and forty days;
  • Allow yourself to relax. To easily lighten the mood, without the help of alcohol, a cigarette or. Fatigue negatively affects the erection;
  • The regular physical activity. A half-hour at Least a day helps to keep the standards not only efficiency, but also a form;
  • Intercourse at least a week or two at a time. Physiologically up-gratification a substitute for intercourse, but that the state improve emotional won't help;

Back potential normal home, there's always ember. You just need to be bad get rid of the habits or food poisoning on a body. Not to be overlooked, and in folk medicine. More advanced cases can't help without a a doctor will prescribe an effective treatment.