Everything about pre-ejaculation in men: what is it for, when is it released and sperm in it?

Usually, the pre-ejaculate looks like a colorless and transparent adhesive.

From this article you will learn what a precursor is - what it looks like, why is it needed, how to change its quantity. We'll also let you know if it contains sperm and whether it is possible to get pregnant from it.

What is pre-semen in men

Pre-semen, also known as pre-ejaculation, is a sticky, clear mucus secreted from the penis urethra. It is released before ejaculation, enters the vagina during unprotected intercourse, mixes with the sperm during ejaculation.

What does it look like:The pre-ejaculate is a colorless, transparent, viscous substance that resembles raw egg whites.

When it stands out:Pre-ejaculation is secreted during sexual arousal.

Where does it stand out:from Cooper's glands - hence the name "Cooper's fluid", as well as from Littre's paraurethral gland. There is also prostate juice in the composition. Cooper's glands, also known as light bulbs, are no larger than a pea and located on either side of the urethra below the prostate gland.

Littre glands are like clusters, located along the entire length of the urethra. Their number is up to 30 and more. The secretions of these glands are continuously secreted and provide lubrication to the urethra, but during sexual arousal they begin to become more active.

Amount allocated:The amount of the lubricant during stimulation is individual. Some men have very little while others reach 5-6 ml. Here you can draw an analogy with women: some need more lubricant for sex, while others just need their own lubricants. The amount of excretion produced by the anal glands directly depends on the levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. In men with prostate hyperplasia, the latter level increases, so the volume of exudate during euphoria is quite large, but its composition is different from normal.

Ingredients before ejaculation:Pre-semen and semen have many similar ingredients. Pre-ejaculation is rich in sialoproteins, enzymes and amino sugars, and has an alkaline reaction.

Function:The anterior seed has the effect of lubricating the foreskin, facilitating the introduction of the penis into the vagina, preparing the urethra for the sperm to pass through, as well as nourishing the sperm. The secret of washing away the dirt of urine, bacteria, alkalizing the environment, including the vagina, creates the most comfortable conditions possible for the bacterial cells.

Are sperm in seminal vesicles:When I work, I definitely won't. The glands do not synthesize them and do not connect to the testicles in any way, however, sperm cells may be present during the ejaculation before leaving the urethra - it all depends on the stage of sexual intercourse. sex. During intense stimulation, when you reach orgasm, the testicles are pulled up to the groin as much as possible - this is the pre-ejaculation stage. The vas deferens begin to act as pumps, pumping sperm from the crest and pushing them into the prostate urethra. There they wait for reflexively orgasmic contractions - the process of ejaculating sperm. In theory, individual specimens could travel further along the urethra and mix with the secretion of the Cooper glands.

Sperm may also exist in the pre-spermatozoa during a previous ejaculation. Some men experience increased sperm secretion, or sperm control. The reason is usually high testosterone, taking certain medications. When stimulated sperm are secreted in an inconspicuous way, it is not possible to predict their presence or absence in the protocell without analysis.

Is it possible to get pregnant from pre-semen:There are cases - therefore 20 women out of 100 women become pregnant. If the action is repeated, the probability increases. Sperm stuck in the vas deferens will be ejected through the urethra along with a portion of new pre-sperm secretions and can enter the vagina. In fact, in about 15-20% of men find a small amount of sperm, although not of the highest quality, so don't practice intermittent intercourse as a contraceptive - you canpregnant.

What color can ejaculate first?

Normally, pre-ejaculation is colorless and transparent. A change in color and consistency occurs against the background of inflammation - couperite. Due to the action of the pathogen, exudate becomes cloudy, which may be a yellowish or greenish color. Brown color indicates presence of blood and inflammatory vascular damage.

To diagnose inflammation of the Cooper glands, a multifocal urine sample is used. The patient urinates into the container first, then the glands are massaged, then the patient pee again. There will be a secret in the urine that can be tested. The prostate gland is then massaged and the patient completes urination into the third bin. If in the second barrel the leukocyte content increases, and in the first and third tanks they are normal, isolated Cooper gland inflammation is diagnosed.

The glands can also become clogged with stagnant secretions, as the length of the tube into the urethra reaches 2 to 8 centimeters. As a result, nodes are formed, becoming the source of inflammation. For treatment, antibacterial and massage therapy are used.

How to reduce secretion when stimulated

Sexual stimulation can be done by surprise, and in some men, the amount of secretions from the penis is so great that it shows through the clothes. There are several ways to avoid such cases:

  • Have a regular sex life. 2-3 intercourse per week is enough for normal secretion.
  • See a urologist. In some cases, an increased amount of pre-ejaculation indicates inflammatory processes, hormonal disorders, and prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Do not wear tight underwear. Loose linen will leak less.
  • Try to avoid visual or physical sexual stimulation in an inappropriate situation.

In some cases, an increase in the amount of precursors is stimulated by dietary supplements to increase potency and improve sperm quality.

How to increase pre-ejaculation volume

Increasing pre-ejaculation volume is important for men who have sex without using a condom, for improved slippage, as well as for those planning to conceive. The basic ways:

  1. Increase foreplay time. Unpaired sex leads to damage to the mucous membranes of the genitals. Long, high-quality foreplay drives deep lubrication for both partners.
  2. Use of aphrodisiacs or supplements. Tonic with mint powder, ginseng, goat horn has the effect of enhancing excitement. Pre-ejaculation will be more prominent.
  3. Minimize smoking and alcohol. The toxin negatively affects the functioning of the glands.
  4. Drink enough water. For normal excretion, enough fluid must enter the body.
  5. Regularly perform pelvic strengthening exercises: Kegel, squat with abdominal crunch, pelvic bridge.

The secretory activity of the Cooper glands is stimulated by testosterone, so in men during and on pause, the number of pre-ejaculations decreases naturally. Its synthesis can be aided by taking synthetic and phytonutrients under the supervision of a doctor.


Things to remember:

  1. Pre-ejaculation is a lubricant secreted in response to sexual arousal. Its amount depends on the level of sex hormones, age, degree of attractiveness.
  2. Pre-ejaculation may contain sperm. They can be released just before orgasm, still from last sexual intercourse, or if a man has increased sperm secretion.
  3. If you have too much or too little lubricant, you should have testosterone levels checked, check the condition of the prostate gland for hyperplasia or not.