How to increase male potency at home

causes of reduced capacity in men

Almost all men face sexual failures in their lifetime. And not always erectile dysfunction and decreased libido are observed in old age. Today, effect problems are increasingly "rejuvenating" and are more common in the age group 35-30 and even 25 years.

Rarely does any man go to a therapist when first having disturbing symptoms, relying on self-medicating medications, or hoping that things go away on their own. This leads to deterioration of health, development of pathological changes in tissues and numerous complications. Consider all of the options for how to quickly increase efficiencies at home without risk to your health and maximize long-term effects.

Why is the effect decreasing?

The effect is a combination of many factors, including a man's attractiveness to a woman, the ability to have intercourse long enough and of high quality, to enjoy intimacy with his partner.

As a rule, the peak of a man's sexual activity falls between the ages of 16-30. After the age of 45-50, a natural decline in potency begins, but at the same time men may prefer to have sex, maintain fertility, and have sex several times a week (or even often. more) after 70-80 years old.

You can improve the potency at home when you understand exactly what caused its deterioration and take all steps to eliminate this. And only a specialist can identify this factor or a combination of 2-3 after a thorough examination.

Can independently only make assumptions that are, statistically, not always true. Doctors consider the most common reasons for diminishing potency:

ways to increase male potential
  • sedentary lifestyle, leading to many different diseases and stagnant processes in the small pelvis;
  • stress, overwork, depression, lack of sleep and rest are common in modern life;
  • family and unfavorable working environment, lack of confidence;
  • acute and chronic diseases - prostatitis, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, stroke and others;
  • are taking medications, including drugs to normalize blood pressure and hormonal drugs;
  • Unbalanced diet and bad habits.

If you are now thinking about the answer to the question of how to restore potency at home, then start by changing your lifestyle to a healthy and active lifestyle. Recommendation may seem trivial, but even small steps in this direction will yield the first visible results after a few weeks.

But don't expect instant results. For example, after quitting with the experience of this bad habit 5-10 years, the body is recovered just six months later.

Effective at home technique

There are many different ways to empower men at home, but not all are equally safe and effective. You should consult a doctor right away if together with erection problems and libido you find yourself having such disturbing symptoms:

  • pain during urination and ejaculation;
  • impurities of blood or pus in semen and urine;
  • severe pain in the genitals and lower abdomen;
  • urinary disorders;
  • has a characteristic unpleasant odor of urine, semen and other secretions from the urethra;
  • presence of red, ulcerative and genital lesions on the genitals.

These symptoms may indicate a serious illness that needs immediate diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, throw away any doubts and hesitations, seek the help of a doctor.

Usually, a male, urologist, neurologist helps to solve "male" problems, but sometimes it is necessary to consult a cardiologist, endocrinologist, doctor. Psychologists and other doctors.

In other cases it is possible to rapidly and permanently increase potency at home using the following methods:

  • taking synthetic and natural preparations, supplements, vitamins and minerals;
  • uses folk formulas to improve potency at home;
  • performs special exercises;
  • The
  • process hardens and strengthens the immune system;
  • a balanced diet.

Preparations for enhancing potency

Male enhancement pills

All home potency preparations can now be purchased in a pharmacy or ordered on the Internet. Many of these do not require a specialized prescription.

But this doesn't mean you can choose any remedy, as each of them has its own contraindications and application features.

All drugs to solve male problems can be divided into large groups:

  1. Erectile stimulants of synthetic origin.A special feature of these funds is that they are quick, but with added stimulus. These drugs have a lot of contraindications and possible side effects, which is why they are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, doctors believe that such remedies quickly increase effectiveness at home but are often not safe.
  2. Homeopathic treatments and supplements.Their special properties are mild effects, minimal contraindications and possible complications after use, beneficial effects on the whole body and natural composition. But the supplement has no proven effect and affects each organism in its own way and does not always give the desired effect.
  3. Vitamin-mineral complex and immunostimulant.These funds must be selected with a specialist in the event that a man's body is weakened and needs support. The effectiveness of such effective home remedies can only be noticed after 2-3 months, if the person follows all the specialist's recommendations.
  4. Drugs affecting the cause of erectile dysfunction.These include antispasmodic drugs, help improve blood circulation and are sedative. In each case, a drug is chosen most suitable for a man. For some people, just take valerian in the form of drops or pills, and sometimes other stronger sedatives to deal with sleep and erection problems.

Don't decide for yourself the quick question of how to increase potency at home, even if the cause is fatigue and nervous stress. But first, reconsider your lifestyle. And if within a week or two you don't notice any positive changes in sex, see your doctor.

Folk recipe

Nowadays, there are many popular recipes for potency at home, which have been with us since ancient times and are still popular. Among them, the most notable are:

  1. Application of tincture and tonic of herbs, rhizomes and other parts of plants.Cordyceps mushroom, ginseng root, linden jelly, ginger, St John's wort, motherwort, hawthorn and several other herbs are considered to be particularly effective.
  2. The use of male enhancement products at home.To restore desire and long-term erections, experts recommend to include all aphrodisiacs in your diet: fresh fruits, vegetables, herbsand berries, certain spices, chicken and quail eggs, seafood. In particular, doctors recommend eating a mixture of vitamins, for example, honey with nuts, and onions with garlic, which are considered to be the best immune stimulants.
  3. Original folk methods to increase potency at home.This should include applying mustard to the feet, which, according to healers, increases blood flow to the penis and testicles. Another recipe is to rub the genitals with ice cubes, bathe with fresh water or laurel leaves, fungus with fresh water and decoction. But all of these methods are clinically ineffective and unsafe. For example, ice can lead to inflammation, hypothermia, impaired blood flow, and many other problems.

Hardness strengthening exercises and procedures

exercise to increase potency

Another group of great strengthens at home is pelvic, hip and anal training, as well as hardening procedures. They help improve blood circulation, accelerate the elimination of toxins and all metabolic processes, take a contrast shower, soak and rub with cold water, swim outdoors and in swimming pools, as well as many other underwater processes. But remember that hardening has contraindications.

Bathing, steaming, sunbathing and air bath will also help strengthen the immune system, make a man stronger and more resilient, improve the function of all organs and systems, including hormones. You just need to know that everything is fine in moderation and listen to your body.

There are also special exercises to improve potency at home. They all use the muscles of the anus and pelvic floor, contribute to better and longer sex, enhance the feeling during sex, normalize blood circulation.

You need to start practicing with the simplest exercises, gradually increasing the load and complexity. You shouldn't try to break any records. The main thing is to slowly and carefully arrive at your goal, regularly working on the selected complexes and adding variety to it.


Now that you know many ways to increase effectiveness at home. But don't think that the drug or whatever method you choose will have quick and long-term effects if you continue with your regular lifestyle.

Only an integrated and caring approach to your body can be as effective as you want it to be, allowing you to constantly experience passionate desires and pleasure in close proximity, regardless of age.