How to increase the potency of the men

For all people a necessary of life in this area, a flawless sexual activity, that's why many people want to know how to at home increase the efficiency of fast, effective folk remedy.


A potency control of physiological health words, your mental stability, stress resistance, a number of other factors as well as the life. As soon as a sexual function begins to weaken, the words become a depressed, unfortunate, but uncertain, that a person. This may affect the efficiency? Land then this problem suddenly at any age, depending on many reasons, for example:

  • the regular stress, nervous symptoms, the fear, the excessive voltage;
  • prolonged sexual abstinence;
  • medications;
  • sedentary work and the stagnation of blood in a pool;
  • mental disorders, MS sclerosis, Parkinson's as the disease, epilepsy;
  • a presence of harmful habits;
  • age – 40 years after the words test produced less testosterone, resulting in reduced potency;
  • overweight;
  • sleep disorders;
  • fatigue.

How to increase the potency at home

Not all of the stronger representatives decided a trip to the doctor to solve their sexual problems. But fortunately, to solve the problems of the sexual nature can be at home.

Most of the words you would like to quickly increase the potency at home needs to use drugs because the erection, but basically, it's bad. The problem is not solved by a pill is designed in a special, smoothed by a transition effect.

Ezek is not a drug can damage a test physically, but affect the subconscious mind, the man in the following way: a future of sexual intercourse in full not likely to succeed, if not, to a tablet, and it's on a subconscious level, men formed the fear, without any special preparations, he will not be capable of satisfy his partner, so the problem is not treated, then disappears.

Painful treatment, treatment, expensive medicine will improve the potential is no longer required. In most cases, the problem is solved completely by other means, is available for all ember.

High diet increases the men potency

For anybody not a secret that a reasonable, good nutrition is the key to a normal functioning of a prostate and, accordingly, the men's health in general.


Increase the efficiency of the men at home, you need to give the next diet a foods:

  • The vitamins play an important role in overcome the illness (the vitamin responsible for reproductive function, vitamin D is essential for a participant in a process of maturation, the sperm, the vitamin C provides better circulation to the sexual organs).
  • Mandatory inclusion in the diet, the seafood. Ezek the product basic contain construction elements, in harmony, the cells of the glands is selenium and zinc. Whereas ezek parts stabiliziruemost a synthesis of the testosterone. It is therefore particularly important that the question in oily fish species, but it is sure that the sea.
  • Any type of given, in a conversation at the almond, given, as well as a pistachio, or a useful component arginine, which is a big effect on potency. This recording is The amino acid in the diet helps to improve the blood flow in the body and its organs, and the efficiency.
  • Green doctor – parsley is so necessary to men, because to restore the hormonal balance in the body, the production promotes as well as the words of a these hormones can be dangerous, testosterone. Blocking the synthesis of female hormones, which is so important to a improved potential. The use of parsley for the prevention of prostate.
  • Another words assistants fajbiológia everyone's favorite garlic, onion. Ezek the products contain a lot of selenium, especially since anti-bacterial properties, which helps the active work of the prostate.
  • Meaning of chocolate, at least 65% should be applied to the men, to enhance the mood. An attitude, a positive creates a healthy reaction, a words test a sex.
  • Use the honey, the increase of the potential. And in combination with particular, turned out to be a valuable mixture of nutrition a prostate.

Physical exercises at home to increase your efficiency

There are certain types of training, which includes the pubic-coccygeal muscle. This muscle plays an important role in the physical appearance of the erection, and consequently a poor development of the muscle leads to a decrease in sexual function weak erection.

There is a complex of exercises by which you achieve a stunning result.

  1. Keep the stone. The practice is the point, that while a pose is a standing, hand, a waist, knees slightly bent, will need to the legs, and then try to compress and unpack a lot of muscle. But straighten your legs to the end is impossible, because the performance of between the legs to define a stone, which is not reduced.
  2. The first steps. In the standing position, arms down it is necessary to lift both feet, her knee-that's the one.
  3. A bridge. It is known that the school's practice of mind is supine a situation, it is necessary to bend the pool, straightening or -a elbow, knee.
  4. Cycling. Supine A position, arms in a test along, do the leg swing, depicting a Bicycle. Experiment driving, then slowing down, then the reverse will increase the speed.
  5. Shooting in a pool. Standing position feet shoulder width apart to have your own pool rotation around its axis.

Improve the general health and strengthens the immune system good for the man to go to a sauna, pool, massage. There are these ways to quickly increase the potential. For example, before a date can take a hot, relaxing bath for 40-50 minutes.

Increase your words potency psychological support


An area expert in the words of questions proved that to a large extent, reduced sexual function effect of the mental disorder, which includes that of such a disease, mint psychogenic impotence type. This can be any factors: problems at work, fatigue, my own thoughts, experiences, which accumulate in the head deposit to your health.

Very important problems to talk about don't have to hide, the feelings, the partners. A woman who loves you, won't let you, you will always find a way, that the people support. Fortunately, very often, a problem is solved after a conversation, an honest partner. Although the men don't mind, I think this is the last one to talk to about their problems, be it a woman this is a misconception leads to further increase in the negative, disturbing the formation of distrust among loved ones. Therefore, to increase the efficiency at home is a banal problem, discussion with a partner.

Folk medicine will improve the potential

In addition to the different practices and a high diet, there are folk remedies to increase your efficiency at home, in which we describe below. Ezek include cocktails, liqueurs, tea, etc.

A unique cocktail which has a positive effect has been noticed, a lot of the words, a beer sour. A nutritious drink can help tide spa, power, life force, sometimes it's a cocktail compared to the action of strong tablets.

Attention: observe sense of proportion, because the desired result can be obtained, only a rational use, or in the case of excessive use may be obesity, as well as many other negative manifestations. Also taking 2-3 liters of this drink obtainable disorder, prostate.

Beer cocktail should be taken only with a fresh (the period a charge of not more than two weeks), as well as a high quality. Sour cream use fat varieties. System is A special preparation of the drink each does not require its own rate.

If you drink, in addition to another cream ale, a Financial analyst, potency mist suffer further damage, which can negatively affect sexual function.

Herbal peppermint has a direct impact on the quality of sexual function. However, a plant is also a calming effect that inhibits stimulation. But it's always a menthol to help get rid of the sexual weakness, if you use it correctly, and a certain amount of time.

Remember that mint chewing gum, cigarettes, tea, food other do not contain the composition of the natural mint, so it does not affect the efficiency, but no other adverse effects on the body specified.


Tincture to enhance the potential

Tinctures are kept in folk medicine to increase the efficiency, as well as the words sexual improve the area. Tinctures can be prepared at home, and their use requires consistency, regularity, a result.

The basis of a tincture, the alcohol, or a vodka and ingredients (herbs, berries, fruits). A potency is a tincture of a recording made from ginger root, ginseng, nettle and hawthorn. The benefit of tinctures is cheap, so it's easier to prepare for.

The disadvantages of a liquor for use in the the a fact that a therapeutic result infusions is strictly optional, it's not such a significant effect as the drug. The host infusion is out that a car driving in a. The alcohol, which is the basis of tincture, when driving is prohibited by law.

Give me a few recipes for bitters at home enhance your potential:

  1. Nettle tincture: nettle, You add to the boiling wine, hot mix 5 minutes. After that you need to insist on the mixture half an hour to drink 50 ml of tincture before going to bed.
  2. Ginseng tincture: most of the ready tincture of ginseng sold in the pharmacies, because to find the root of a ginseng, to sell is not easy. Take morning, afternoon, 30 drops.
  3. Hypericum tincture: infuse 2 tablespoons of herbs about an hour. Drink during the day, a glass of 200g. used more than 3 times.
  4. Tincture of horse chestnut: to grind, replaced and eyes, 50g, add 50% alcohol. Administered for 2 weeks, receiving 30 drops, three times a day.
  5. Tincture are with: load approximately 3 weeks after the infusion of 30g a root, or 500 ml of vodka. 30 drops with water.

Tea, to increase the efficiency: advantages and disadvantages

It is always useful tea with various degrees of properties of a potential. Green tea extract, zinc, which stimulates the synthesis of the words gender, these hormones can be dangerous. The Tea has a beneficial effect on the general health, strengthens the nervous system and the immune system, removes toxins, brings blood vessels in tone and help to a system to strengthen the heart. Mind, It's important to prostate health, as well as a high nutrition.

Tea a freshly brewed, by the way, or the drink produces a lot of purines and caffeine, which adversely affect the body. Purine contributes to the buildup of a urea. In fact, the stronger, a tea, a worse sleep, causing irritability, and sexual dysfunction. Not beer, tea, a plastic or metal container.

Be careful when buying tea a potency of a Chinese manufacturer. Review of composition of ezek a tea for the possibility that the incidence of side effects using.

We offer you some simple recipes of tea, to improve the potential:

  1. Ivan-tea is prepared by infusion of the dried leaves of the plant in boiling water for 5 minutes. Taken 2 or 3 times a day.
  2. Monk tea is used to make a prevent prostate diseases. Ready the following: herbalists, oregano, Hypericum, elecampane root, black tea, rose hips pour a liter of boiling water and leave on low heat for 20 minutes.
  3. Ginger tea. Chopped ginger is no more, mint 1 teaspoon pour boiling water for 10 minutes.

We should not forget that despite the fact that some medicinal herbal tea, decoctions, and infusions, many of these materials can contain, which will not stand the test. Therefore, if the use of herbal medicines, get sick, or worse, then to the reception suspended.

On the basis of the fight against the erectile dysfunction on the basis of the following rules:


  • regular sexual life;
  • healthy sleep, a rhythm of life;
  • a high nutrition;
  • sports;
  • timely treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • avoiding harmful habits;
  • a fight with a overweight, if any.

See how you can increase the potency of folk remedies at home. Most people only need to apply the methods described above. Don't forget to give the test a potency can't be that bad they mint think.