The Top 8 foods that will increase testosterone levels in men

The food at times is not even the worse of the pharmacy vitamins, and medications. It has been proven many times by research scientists.

The experts recently received new information concerning the products that you will be able to use it with women. The scientists, in the context of an experiment, to find what are the food to increase the amount of testosterone levels. The hormone plays a very important role to play in muscle growth in sexual ability. It also has a positive effect on the bone tissue.

The Top products to boost testosterone

The food
  1. Oysters
  2. Seafood is a leader in, among others, the content of zinc. A chemical substance with the aim of improving the quality of sperm production and sexual function. For the men it is dangerous zinc deficiency. A deficit of a substance, which is at risk of sexual dysfunction and of the reduced amount of testosterone.

  3. Ginger
  4. According to the study, the ginger in the diet to improves male potency. If they get plenty of exercise each and every day, the amount of the hormone to increase to 17-18%. Ginger root can also add fresh juices, in salads or in tea.

  5. Soya-bean milk
  6. The product is rich in vitamin D, which helps maintain a normal amount of testosterone in the body. Not less useful vegetable, the milk of almonds, flax, or soybeans. Large amounts of vitamin D from shiitake mushrooms.

  7. Leafy green vegetables
  8. Green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium. Trace elements reduce the nervous tension and is beneficial to the male sexual function. Accustom yourself every day to eat a big plate of salad based on leafy greens: cabbage, iceberg lettuce, arugula, spinach, parsley and cilantro.

  9. Cod-liver oil, and fatty fish
  10. Such products are rich in omega-3. Not only to improve the health of the heart and blood vessels, and help to the development of the male sex hormone. A particularly useful herring, capelin, sardines,trout or mackerel.

  11. Onions
  12. The plant also has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. In addition, it improves sexual function.

    If you mind the smell of onions, you can eat it pickled.

  13. Pomegranate
  14. The fruit is rich in antioxidants. It improves the functioning of the heart and helps to reduce the effects of stress. In addition, pomegranate promotes the production of testosterone by 24%.

  15. Olive oil
  16. A useful oil, unrefined, cold-pressed. Then, it has retained more of its properties. This product improves the overall health and, in particular, to improve the condition of the reproductive system.

The beneficial properties for the health of the men listed in food has been proven by experts. That is, the effect is positive, it is important to use them regularly, and don't forget to have a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, which is also very good, to help the production of testosterone. Then, the positive effect will not force itself to expect.